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Megan Zytkiewicz

Licensed Massage Therapist



Licensed Massage Therapist

Why I do what I do

I have found that massage feeds my soul.  It is so rewarding when someone can walk better or without pain because of me.  I feel that it is my life's work to help relieve pain, stress, and discomfort; and to replace it with relief, comfort, and wellness. I myself deal with early onset arthritis and have found such relief from massage and cupping that all I want to do is help people find that relief.  

I have lived in the area for 15 years and I hope that I am able to continue working in my community for many years to come.

About me

Megan Zytkiewicz has been worked in Elkhorn, WI since April 2016. She graduated from the Blue Sky School of Therapeutic Massage in October of 2013. Born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Megan attended Harvard, Illinois schools from Kindergarten through 11th grade. She spent her senior year at Big Foot High School and graduated in January 2003. She worked for a decade in retail before finding her true calling in therapeutic massage. Megan also does energy work, using the body’s own energy to help relieve pain and increase relaxation. Additionally, she performs craniosacral therapy, which involves gently manipulating the skull to help harmonize the nervous system. She is also certified to do Prenatal massage and infant massage. She became a certified Contemporary Cupping Therapist in May of 2017.  Contemporary Cupping is a many centuries old practice of using glass and plastic cups to relieve pain and stagnation from the body. Megan uses all of her knowledge, skill, and intuition to give the most complete therapeutic massage.


What our customers are saying

Love the energy she is so friendly, knowledgeable and kind. Thank you, Elkhorn is lucky to have you.

Susan L. Greenfield, Wisconsin

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